Product Care

Neoprene is a beautiful yet delicate fabric which requires some care when out and about. 

Please avoid harsh surfaces, sharp objects and car grease!
We suggest washing immediately if the product becomes marked or stained in any way.



Hand wash or a gentle/delicate machine cycle wash in cold water with a gentle detergent. Rinse thoroughly, drip-dry and ensure the bag is completely dry before use.

DO NOT dry-clean, tumble dry or iron.

Please note: the black dust bag the Kit Bag was originally packaged in is not a washing bag.


Help! My bag arrived out shape!

Due to the rigours of postage, your Artium Sport Kit Bag may arrive slightly out of shape - Once you start stuffing it with all necessary training items, it will return to its original shape and really come to life!  Please DO NOT iron.

Neoprene is a soft and flexible material and the shape can be manipulated as you like. Please remember your bag has been flat-packed in its package for some time and the shape will soften up - you can also pop the bag in the washing machine and hang/lay it out to dry to play around with the shape.