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 Emma Nedov & Georgia-Rose Brown

With a combined 20 years’ experience representing Australia on the International stage and, Commonwealth and World Cup success, we have a world of knowledge to share and inspire the upcoming generation of artistic gymnasts. Having been through multiple cycles and having had many different coaches with Olympic and World class experience, we have gained a deep and unique perspective on the sport.
Our Workshop aims to motivate athletes and coaches; therefore, we can tailor the program to your needs. An example of a standard workshop for both is below.



Athlete workshop

We will coach and work alongside the athletes on basics, skill progression and refinement whilst having fun and sharing our stories as gymnasts. We are able to cater to all ages and capabilities.

3-hour Workshop for Athletes

Price - Hourly rate TBC

Warm Up - 45mins (Extensive warm up including stretches, body tension, leaps & tumbles, basics and apparatus prep) 

Beam – 45 mins (Basics & complex, drills, base skills, skill connections and routine skill refinement)

Bars – 45mins (Shaping & drills, metal and wooden bar skill basics, routine and progression skill refinement)

(We can add in floor artistry if requested – 30 mins)

Q & A/ Talk – 45 mins (As per request. eg. Youtube videos of us competing, motivation/our experiences, triumphs and hardships, coach and athlete relationship importance, transitioning through life stages as gymnasts etc.)


Coach workshop

We offer to share from an athlete’s perspective, coaching techniques and tips specifically on beam and bars as they are our speciality events. We will provide understanding from our experiences around coach and athlete relationships and working together towards success. Best suited for aspiring coaches.

Standard 1.5-hour Workshop for Coaches

Price - Hourly rate TBC

Hands on Beam session – 30mins (Technique importance, tips and understanding drills, insight into competition preparation methods and overall discussion)

Hands on Bar session – 30mins (Specific techniques and drills, skill acquisition phases, working on how to find what skills best suit your athletes, insight into competition preparation methods and overall discussion)

Q & A/Talk – 30mins (We will share videos of our competitions, and We will talk about our experiences with different head coaches and personal coaches through the years, what worked and what didn’t work, transitioning from children to adults with coaches and the success and setbacks we have faced. Then we will have an open discussion to answer any questions coaches may have) 

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 All attendees will receive a 15% off gift from us. 
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